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Use & Care

When you receive your wallet, it is ready to use and you do NOT need to undo the screws for any reason other than to replace the elastic in a few years time :)

Over-tightening or cross-threading the screws on your wallet will void your warranty!

Insert cards:

  • Into the groove of the expandable card holder at the top of the wallet

Access cards:

    • Press your finger on the indented half circle at the bottom of the wallet until your cards stick out slightly at the top and pull your card/s out
    • If the card/s that you would like to access are in the middle of the pack then pull all of them out half way and pinch the bottom of the wallet so that your cards fan out giving you more reach

    Insert money:

    • Fold money in half then half again and insert under the money clip

    Access money:

    • Pull money out from underneath the clip to access

    It is completely normal for the elastic on your wallet to wear over time so you can replace it by purchasing a new elastic and screws from our online store by using the supplied screwdriver to dismantle the wallet to upgrade before putting it back together again. For further information on this process please don't hesitate to contact: info@theedgewallet.com.au .